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this is a beautiful picture.
vines are tenacious in their trust! they stay.
i like that thought.
and i like the glimpse of the flagstone path.
this is a wonderful picture on so many levels for me.
our day is rainy, dreamy, cool, misty and most perfect!
and i sense you need a perfect day?
tammy j

This is beautiful!! Love the rich warm colors and hues.

hadn't ever thought about it quite that way.... but I like it. We have so much clingy growth around here - next time I see them clinging I will think about trust!!

Ooo... I love the rich cinnamon rust tones in that ivy... I've always loved ivy too. In the Language of Flower, ivy is often associated with fidelity, friendship and affection. Because of it's twining aspect, I've always thought of it possess a protective quality too. So yes, ivy could be a good symbol for trust. :o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

I love this picture, Lib. Very warm.

@amy: thanks!

@tracy: oh! ivy sounds so sweet! i love it even more now.

@patty: totally laughing away over here at the "clingy growth".

@marcie: thanks!

tammy: happy you have your rain + mist + cool over there!

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