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This image has a very soothing quality...of being lifted, held, like in a hammock. I am wondering if that is a plant or vine in the photo? Sometimes words aren't always necessary... not such a bad thing. ;o) Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

i suppose trust is always intertwined...
hardest thing sometimes to do is trust one another...
i don't know how you do the circles of light.
i love them! these are more subdued, perfect for the mellowness and quiet of autumn.
my favorite is april 10, 2011..
a million pearls of light!
happy weekend to you and beloved atlas,
tammy j

@tracy: it's a plant. a weed, really. see the fourth photo in the post below? it's a different view of a similar one. :)

Very intriguing.... I was playing around with some weeds on the shores of Big Bear lake night before last while sipping some sauvignon blanc and watching the sun go down and reflect in the water... very fun and totally made me think of you!! Maybe I will share some of them...

Beautiful and calming ... I like your idea for a 52 week project!

E, this is gorgeous! I LOVE your photography!

@patty: please do!

@lynda, @sandy: thanks!

@tammy: i love that one too! btw, i owe you a reply to an email. it will come. hopefully sooner than later. :)

Love..love...love!! Absolutely exquisite magic!

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