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VERY interesting, Elizabeth! And yes, that would be a practice. Sometime experience can't be defined by words, or that it feels like there's not enough words for them. I think that's OK. And that devotion to something which helps you find balance is a very good thing. Maybe we don't need to name everything? Perhaps it is all we need to just know, feel... This has me thinking. :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

i just 'happened' onto reiki too. but i do not practice it everyday. i think the way you do it is the best way... ongoing health and insight rather than like ... oh i feel bad today, so think i'll do reiki!
i also found a site that did reiki to the sound of a fountain in the background and little birds chirping softly as if they were high up in the trees. the sound of the water with them... beautiful! have not been able to find it since.
a nose kiss for atlas,
tammy j

Wonderful for you, sometimes it's hard to see the improvements day to day but it's great when you step back and see how far you've come. I'm so glad you've found things that make you feel whole and good! hugs :)

wow, 3 years! and you aren't quite a million years old yet, so you can't have been brushing your teeth for that long;)

@helen: i was sure you would agree that i am practically a million, lol.

@becky: so true. it is good to step back every so often.

@tammy: that site sounds beautiful. i'll keep my eye out. maybe one of us will stumble upon it someday.

@tracy: now you've got me thinking. maybe my need to name things is similar to my wanting to know why. i do so like to know why. ;)

A year and a half ago I was involved in a serious car accident caused by an inattentive 19-year-old. My car was totaled and I was lucky to be alive. For awhile it was tough for me to drive anywhere but I'm fortunate to have a wonderful massage therapist in my life who performed reiki shortly after my accident and it helped tremendously. I don't know how it works but it does.

I guess I'm confused what Reiki is. I thought it was a form of massage. But if that's the case, you can't do it on yourself. Is it more meditation?

@chris: that's exactly what i say about it.

@laura: answered in email, but for anyone else: kind of sort of both, kind of sort of not really either one. it can be done via the laying on of hands - light touch on various parts of the body. but it can also be done at a distance - you don't need to touch the person at all. and both the person giving and the person receiving often seem to enter a meditative state. when i'm doing a session for myself, i usually rest my hands on my heart and/or my belly and leave them there. and i notice that i go deeper into meditation when doing reiki (for myself or for someone else) than i do when i meditate in general. not sure why that is, but it is what i notice.

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