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Congratulations Auntie! The Atlas calendar is too cute for words. I love every last months worth. Have a wonderful visit with your family. xx

I think just Auntie is fine...although I can just imagine her saying "Auntie E-liz-e-bet.


I'm an auntie myself though I confess it's not my favorite diminutive. It is the "ant" version, but it's not like I had any say in the matter. ;)

I started liking it better once I started thinking of it as "anti-Claire" which amuses me.

Have a great, safe trip!

@claire: that is cracking me up! i think that's my new second favorite, right behind auntie.

@jerry: or auntie liz-bet. lol.

@sandy: yay! glad you enjoyed the calendar. it made me smile too.

Auntie Beth...oh, I do love that one, it's so endearing! My soon 3 year old niece calls me auntie, and it just melts my heart like nothing else...*sigh*... I love being auntie, and we are lucky to have 3 lovely nieces and two sweet nephews. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting your family. Safe travels too. :o) See you soon... ((HUGS) ) P.S. Sooo EXCITED about your calendars--I have to go see now!

i always wanted to be an auntie mame!
just love those movies. you would like the one with lucille ball.. gorgeous color and DANCING!! it's the musical version. so good.
we're on our way to albuquerque on thursday to see my brother's little guys... so their auntie will get to see them too.
congratulations auntie beth, bet, e-bet... or whoever you are!!!
on my way now to check out the calendars..
can't wait!
auntie tam

oh good grief elizabet.
i have got to budget for both calendars.
i simply LOVE them.
oh, does all caps mean a shout?
it does? well i LOVE them!
big grin,
tammy j

Congrats! And, of course, that is the proper way to pronounce Aunt. I have always said it that way. Tho the niblings call me Anne or "On" as Senja did for a while. :)


Congratulations! There is nothing like a baby, is there?

@relyn: i am probably not the right person to ask, lol. i am better with puppies than i am with babies, at least until they're about a year. ;)

@anne: you agree! yay!

@tammy: enjoy your visit with your nephews, auntie mame!

@tammy: thank you! p.s. i used your wonderful "be here now" list for tomorrow's post. hopefully everyone follows the link to visit you!

am thinking maybe wrong tammy? can't wait to see what tomorrow's post says. unfortunately i don't have a link to follow! i just bought a book "blogging for dummies."
so maybe someday...
tammy j

@tammy: the link is in tomorrow's post! you're not missing it at all. :) (although, you can usually click on the commenter's name to follow the link to their blog or website, if they included one)

I am ridiculously excited that you've made calendars!! I will definitely be ordering some (one for ME, of course!).

Congratulations on your new role in life! My friend's kids call me Auntie Sherron - 'ant' - and it's just too cute. My nephew calls me Auntie occasionally. He uses the 'ahhntie' version and he says it with a bizarre British accent. Cracks me up every single time.

Oh - congratulations!! All my nephews and niece are now having their own little babies and it is getting to be quite a lot to keep track of!
I'm glad you are thinking now about what you want to be called because I think you totally can have the say-so. If you don't decide, somebody else will!
Sounds like you are super-busy with a lot of happy stuff!! Have a great trip - you can probably still catch some color!

Congratulations Elizabeth! I love being an auntie and great auntie. What a special trip it will be!

Oh Congratulations Elizabeth, or Auntie E.! You will be the most amazing Auntie ever! :)

Happy Auntie-hood!! Yay!

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