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How sweet. <3

I remember when Jimmy was born. There is no joy like that first neice or nephew. I hope you get to see this sweet girl frequently. She's lucky to have such a loving aunt!

Aww. Wasn't that just a great surprise for you then, discovering a new love? Enjoy her!

Oh, how sweet...*sigh*... Savannah is a doll--look at those blue eyes!! It is a special thing to be an aunt, so I know how you feel. My sister's child is the youngest of our crew of nieces and nephews. And especially as I live far away from my sister and her 3 yr old daughter, I miss them tremendously. After she had her girl, it just changed everything--for my family, for me. I hope you will get to see Savannah a lot, Auntie Elizabeth! :o) ((HUGS))

So happy that you and Savannah bonded :)

you're sunk, elizabeth. :)

it is different when it's a specific baby, not just a 'general' baby. I'm the same way.

She is so cute and I'm sure she'll love those stories!

I have been blessed to be an aunt to two amazing little girls (Kate who is now 3 1/2 and Jessica who is now 20 - YIKES!) who filled me with that kind of love! Such a gift!
Enjoy it, Auntie !

@kim: that sounds like a blessing indeed. i will enjoy auntie-hood indeed!

@brooke: babies make the perfect captive audience. ;) but hopefully she does enjoy them!

@julie: me too.

@tracy: i feel exactly like that - like this changes things and i might actually have to move someday no matter how much i love the pacnw. time will tell.

@nora: it was the best surprise! i definitely didn't think i would love her like i love atlas! and yet i do. :)

@leanne: i hope to see her frequently, for sure. plotting away ..

@brita: so sweet. :)

:) i was going to ask how you remembered the name of that tribe because i remember reading about them in nat geo but would have no idea about their name, but i googled it to see if it was right, and what do you know, this blog post was the first result that came up:)

@helen: lol. i made it up. well, the name anyway. i knew i read a story about a tribe that wore rings around their necks to stretch them. :)

sounds like fantastic stories! what a lucky niece.

oh hello again!
been to see my own little boy nephews. the best question in the world is "where are you going to sit? i want to sit by you!"
and i love savannah's name. how beautiful!
and your being anybody's auntie would be the luckiest little person in the world!!!
isn't love powerful?
hugs to all us aunties!
tammy j

When you wrote, "So yes, I am home", I read those words in a way that told me holding your niece made you feel like you were home. I love that you are the baby whisperer and that you are whispering stories in her ears and that she knows your voice and touch as one of comfort and TRUST. There is much trust and curiosity in her eyes in this photograph. I love this post! Much love to you xoxo

Oh, I so so so so so so get this!
I became an aunt 2 years ago... and then again this year, and the love you feel is INSTANT.. and so incredibly strong.

I love that you make stories for her! I am going to go back to your recent post now, and listen in!

Oh, I've missed you.

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