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haha... sooo CUTE! Actually, at first I thought maybe you bought Atlas one of those luxury dog beds! He probably thinks that's what this is now! LOL... aaawww... Atlas has a girlfriend--that is so sweet! Are they at the stage of sending dog treats to each other? ;o) LOVED seeing those photos of the doggy ranch--what a WONDERFUL place! Next time you go on vacation, Elizabeth, can I go with Atlas to the doggy ranch?! It looks like such fun there. Thank you for your kind visit and condolences. ((HUGS))

What is a rebounder? Atlas is so cute. :)

@amy: a mini-trampoline.

@tracy: the funny thing is that my first thought was, "hey! maybe i should leave his bed there! it could be a comfy orthopedic pet bed!"

i love atlas and i love the doggy ranch pictures!!
what in the world is it about dogs? they just reach in and grab your heart. i'd say anyone having a bad day could just look at the doggy ranch pictures and they'd feel happier!
he likes his new orthopedic bed elizabeth...
how clever you are mom!
tammy j

Ooooh, I love this so much!! I just love how our dogs crave their comforts and will sometimes do the funniest (to us!) things to utilize them. And the ranch pics totally made me smile so big - what a great pair!! Hugs to you and Atlas!!

I think I want to live at the doggie ranch!

Love Atlas's expression - "Well, YOU put it here, Mom!"

Maybe he thinks the pug is a cat.

aww, this pic reminds me of kia if her stuff, or any stuff really, is in a different location temporarily. she always checks it out and sits on it and pays special attention to it:) and then she looks so cute:)
p.s. i'm assuming dog love isn't the same as human love because if i fell in love on vacation, i would be very sad when i got home and never saw them again.

yes, atlas and his little sweet friend are too cute. and what a wonderful place for atlas to be when you can't be together! fun photos of all the doggies over there :)

@jen t: the pictures are the best. they make me want to send all the dogs there!

@helen: that's so sweet! (and maybe atlas is sad. i don't know. i'm hoping she'll be there when he goes back in a couple of weeks. ;)

@jerry: maybe! that would be funny.

@sherron: me too. i wish we could vacation there together. i feel like he would love that the most. also - exactly!

@patty: i know! better the dog bed than the floor, wherever the bed may be.

@tammy: i think atlas is the clever one in this instance. :)

oh atlas, i like the way you think! hugs.

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