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Oh, Weimenbaum, Oh, Weimenbaum... How lovely are thy...haha... ;o) Couldn't resist, Elizabeth! This is very fun, very sweet... Although, I can kind of see how Atlas might not be wanting to smile. hhhmmm... Happy Day ((HUGS))

aawww.... i wanna see his grumpy little face.
love tracy's song! chuckled right out loud.
and speaking of love. . .
my atlas calendar was delivered late yesterday afternoon! i. love. it.
it will hang right over my desk so that i can visit atlas every day! seriously elizabeth, it is so cool. not waiting til january to hang it.
hugs and happy nose kisses,
tammy j
boy... am sounding more like pollyanna every day. oh well. guess i am one.

FUN!!! Oh...he may not have smiled..but you sure did make me smile seeing him all lit up in Christmas lights!

poor atlas. i thought you usually put those on the eiffel tower, not the weimaraner! :)

@helen: i do! these are different lights - i had an idea. you will see the result later this week. :)

@marcie: yay! that makes atlas and me happy. :)

@tammy: yay! so happy it arrived! i love thinking about it above your desk! p.s. i love pollyanna. :)

@tracy: hehehehehe. still laughing.

sweet sparkling atlas.

this reminds me of one of my drawings...i just didn't realize dear atlas was in this line up! xox http://allididwaslisten.blogspot.com/2011/11/lit-together.html

Ohmygoodness!! I have a picture of Mac wrapped up in lights...equally displeased. I will post it on my blog for you. :-)

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