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where have i been!!!
i've never even heard of pumpkin and chocolate!
i vote for pumpkin and raisins. that's a cookie my gram used to make. delicious. she lived in new york. is it an east coast thing?
anyone who can sell the world on peanut butter picklewiches needs to be listened to!
they obviously just don't know what's good.
tammy j

I'd vote for the pumpkin/raisin coalition.

I'm so glad to read this! No, seriously: I've been saying for about five years now (since the pumpkin/chocolate combo really came into vogue) that it was ridiculous. Why on earth would I want the taste of squash with the taste of chocolate? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Pumpkin and raisins, though? I can totally get behind that.

WONDERFUL photos, Elizabeth... really loving the magic of those top two...I'd like to go to those worlds right now. I love pumpkin...in anything. But because I'm on the fence about pumpkin w/chocolate vs. pumpkin w/raisins... I bake both ways. Each way tastes good. This is one rare things I cannot decide on...LOL! ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Did you really name your car? I love that. My 16 year old son has a black truck. The other day he told me he didn't feel like he had bonded with his truck yet, and he felt this was because he could not think of a name for his truck. (I have to say I loved this conversation with him because this was totally something I would say.) A few days later he announced he had named his truck "Thunder". Very fitting, I thought. I adore my son...he's a creative soul. :)
Oh, and the pumpkin and raisins sound yummy!

@tricia: i did! i've been trying to think of a name for ages now but couldn't find the right one. this feels perfect. i love your conversation and his name - i hope he soon feels that bond!

@tracy: what a clever idea! if i didn't absolutely absolutely prefer raisins, i would try that myself!

@kylie: you are clearly a kindred spirit! i tip my hat to you.

@ann: yay! i appreciate your vote! ;)

@tammy: i wonder. we lived in the midwest and my mom made them. maybe it was a finnish thing? or not. i don't know if finns eat pumpkin or raisins, lol.

i wasn't going to comment on this because i felt like i didn't belong in the comment section because everyone was agreeing with you. but then i realized that i had to stand up for my side:) pumpkin+raisins=EEW!

@helen: of course you can chime in! i love that you love pumpkin & chocolate - even as i still want none of it. ;)

oohhh, i love your apps! look like hipstamatic. are you on instagram?

I like Serendipity. I bet people would ask for 'the story behind the name' once you tell them your ride's name. Hehe. I remember naming my first car Albert. I don't know, it just sort of popped into my head. Hehe. I love your photos. May I ask what app you used?

I guess naming your car makes you more attached to it. Serendipity is a nice, warm name. Hmmm, I wonder if you met your car by chance.

Serendipity, which means “pleasant surprise,” is very well-suited for an old-fashioned, yet fantastic car. That’s almost the same truck Bella Swan drove in the movie, right? I also find it quite cool for a girl to own a miniature truck-inspired car. :D

Giving names is a sign of attachment, of how much you value that one thing, that you even name it. It’s like what Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. said: “Once you name it, you start getting attached to it.” Serendipity is a catchy name. Is there any story behind that name or, maybe you were so attached with the movie “Serendipity”? Anyway, how’s your car now?

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