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I miss building forts out of the couch cushions. I built many of them with my kids, draping blankets carefully so as not to rock the walls. we have to be careful not to forget how.

So sweet and joyful is this, Elizabeth! LOVE these playful images. In recent years, I've discovered how important it is for us grown ups to keep in touch with that inner child, how essential play is. I love to skip and jump. I still love balloons. I love doll & fairy tea parties. I love bedtime stories (grown up ones most times, but they're still stories. ;o). I love hot chocolate with marshmallows...Well, you get the idea... LOL... Have a HAPPY PLAYFUL WEEK, my friend ((HUGS))

sometimes i guess even some children need to be reminded what "play" is really about.
our little jacob (my nephew,just turned 7)was telling me about his soccer game. it seemed jacob had missed a kick. a fellow player yelled at him later about it in front of everybody, really letting him have it.
i asked jacob how that made him feel... he said "it was okay. i just said to him, dude!
lighten up! this is supposed to be fun!!!"
jacob has already learned the secret of life apparently!
love and hugs,
tammy j

YES, it's all about play!! Which is why I never wanted to take pictures as a job. I was afraid that would take the fun out of it and I still agree. So much more freeing to do it on your own terms. Very fun images!!

I miss dressing up and pretending I was someone else.

The fact that I have remained child-like all my life is one of the things I love best about myself !
Enjoy your playmate !

Just this week I found myself asking "what happened to that girl?" I was remembering a time in my life where I was fearless...and I am really trying to get back to that point. Thank you for this. ♥

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