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haha... It's all about the basics for the animals, isn't it? Eat sleep, pee, cuddle, repeat... ;o) This is such a sweet portrait of Atlas... Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

his eyes look so blue in this picture!
such a handsome puppy.
just think... he could be the type to
drag you around forever finding the perfect
spot to pee!
i like tracy's comment!
... with cuddle being the
operative word for me and furry people.
tammy j

Aw, poor Atlas! Is it time for his winter coat already?

I love his expression. That's the look I get from Chassie and JoJo when I'm doing something other than playing with them. It's all about the playing, dontcha know!

Such an expressive (and cute) face! :)

atlas always makes me smile ..smart pup he is!!

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