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GLORIOUS photos, Elizabeth! Love that past photo especially, for the leaves do look star-like. This image would be fun to capture with paint & collage too. ;o) Altas is looking very svelte at the moment. Handsome lad... LOVE your cauliflower recipe...mmm... And the eggnog chai latte is brilliant too! Can't get eggnog commercially here. But I'd make some to try this...LOL... Thanks for sharing your seasonal bounty here today. Today I'm racing around with chores & such. Hoping for some studio time to paint this afternoon. Bracing for a trip to busy Ikea & errands tomorrow. Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

there is a new pup in the neighborhood, a little Weimaraner. I call him atlas in honor of.

You should try the cauliflower and walnut pasta on the smitten kitchen site... I love it. Sometimes I will make a similar pasta but roast cauliflower and other veggies and then add it to pasta with a balsamic dressing.

What's going on in my world is that today is the last day of school before thanksgiving break! too bad it's not a break for me, but more of a "have more spare time to get 3 papers written and some other stuff done"..but still, it's nice:)
the salad sounds good, but not the eggnog lattes:)

Do share your review of the eggnog/chai "latte"... it seems the two would compliment one another!

Oh wow...Fall hasn't made such a grand entrance in Texas quite yet. I love the glorious fall colors!!

Chai tea latte with eggnog sounds yummy to me!

@sherron: i am going to try it today!

@nora: i will def. report out.

@helen: awwww. that does not seem fair at all. you need a break!

@amy: oh! i think you mentioned that pasta before! i will look for it. maybe that will be my thanksgiving thing. i bet it would pair well with stuffing *she says with a giggle*

@margie: i love that. apparently there is another weim named atlas that lives on socal. i can't believe i don't have the only one!

@tracy: i wish you calm and spaciousness tomorrow! he is looking svelte. he is using it to try to score more treats. you know, because he's so hungry and no one feeds him. ;)

Ahhhhhhhhh loving the photos!
And I'm going to try the cauliflower :)

my comment yesterday went out into lala land!
will try again... just to say
i love oregon! i love your pictures of the colored leaves in the rain. just perfect.
i will try your salad. sounds yummy. i am already a fan of your peanut butter picklewich!
have a wonderful weekend!
tammy j

We have a little snow here. Do you?

@kris: we do not, though the little image of today's weather on my iphone shows snowflakes! personally, i don't mind if it doesn't. ;)

@tammy: that is weird! it didn't show up for me, either. peanut butter picklewiches! i need to buy pickles so i can have one.

@andrea: i hope you enjoy it!

these are beautiful photos

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