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love this pairing. and you!

Is that a reflection? Very intriguing photo.

love that picture.
again... what is it with your particular pictures? i can not only see it ... i feel the cold air. i can see my breath. i walk into them! i'm just odd. or you have a special gift!
kaleidoscopes are one of my favorite things. i had never thought of them in terms of life and had never heard that quote before. it's good.
yes. trust. this year the pieces pretty well fell apart. but they always come back together in a new pattern. wonderful insights. thank you.

What a wonderful quote - wise words I need to remember. And - wouldn't it be grand if life could be seen thru the lens of a simple and colorful kaleidoscope?!?!

oh my goodness I love that quote. so incredible true. it is amazing how the slightest thing can shift our entire world. sometimes leading to the most magical things. :0)

@jennifer: amazing indeed!

@marcie: it would be so grand!

@tammy: wishing you a new and glorious pattern in the new year.

@amy: it is - a reflection in a puddle.

@jen: thank you!

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