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that brings back happy memories for me. once for about a week every evening after dinner i read aloud "the hobbit" to my husband. a fire in the fireplace. cozy and perfect.
now he is gone. and i find that i am a hobbit hermit in my own little hole. i am still cozy. and it is a happy life. though sometimes i do long for adventure.
i spent a big part of yesterday afternoon browsing through the archives on atlas and my zekey look-alike... wilf.
i love the one of atlas on jan 29th 2009 i think... with the pink background! those eyes!
what am i saying, i love them all!!!

It's been so long since I read that book...and I do remember how much I enjoyed the fantasy!! Wishing you a happy and creative new year!!!

i find it incredibly comforting to sit with a cherished book like this again, with my journal close at hand to jot down all the bits i love.

i like the quotes you noted. it's been much to long since i've read the hobbit.

yes to living in a hobbit-hole. :)

Oh my, how I love Tolkein! Since the movie's coming out, I guess re-reading the book is a must!

Love his books. I keep trying to convince sonja to read the Hobbit, but no dice so far....
How much is a session?

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