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oh. adorable little puppy atlas.
elizabeth! maybe why his ears are so sensitive... in this picture you can see the fine veins so close under the fine soft fur.
it probably would hurt if touched too hard!
i've never noticed that before.
have a wonderful day together in your magical land of rain on tall pines.
tammy j

i love the decorated letters in this sign. Especially the s's ;)

i have an intention of not shushing my kids. i find myself hissing "shhhh!" far too often and i worry that they will feel their precious selves being panked down, when what i really mean to have them do is speak softly. and keep the personalities big as wonderfully big can be!!!!!

Too, too sweet...*sigh*... :o) ((HUGS))

@tracy: sending a hug and a wish for safe, pleasant travels!

@jen: hand on heart sigh. your little dears seem - from afar - to have wonderfully beautifully big personalities. sending love to you and them. p.s. i learned the lettering in a scrapbooking class years ago! i must say, scrapbooking stuff is awfully useful at times, even if i never scrapbook. ;)

@tammy: i suspect you're right. they are indeed thin ears. velvety thin. i hope you're having fun being an auntie!

very, very cute!

i like the lettering! i'm jealous:)

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