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So much love and happiness in this picture! I agree with Atlas that it's time to do more of what he wants ;)

I'm surprised that you have only 3 pictures of you and Atlas. But then, the photographer rarely gets in the picture.

well... i know you don't need my techno-ignorant advice on your blog...
but i dearly loved the picture of you and atlas standing by the rail fence with the ocean backdrop. it literally spoke to me! and now i love this one and think you should ... could... would? use it as the header for your blog!!!! you could still keep the artwork from your friend. that is charming too. but there is just something so happy and heartwarming about you with atlas that captures the whole spirit of this blog. would ya think about it?
signed lovingingly by your land-locked friend who is not pushy in the least. oh. no. hahaha.

@tammy: the fence + ocean photo is the favorite from 2007. :) and yes, this might become the new "this is us" photo eventually. yay!

@jerry: well, i have a few more than three, but they're just not all ones i really love and want to say, frame. :)

@jenia: hahaha. atlas thanks you for your support. he says clearly you are very wise.

it fabulous!! you both look joyful!!

This picture just sparkles with happiness and adoration! xoxo

I would frame this photo of you guys and put it in my house if I had a copy!

Awww, so sweet! After reading this post, I realized that I don't think I have even one picture of myself with either of our dogs. But then I also have almost no pictures of me with my kids, either!

What a great picture! You know, I don't have a single picture of me with my girls. {sdaface mouse} The perils of being the only human in the house, I guess. I will have to remedy that!

Atlas is saying, "Oh please, Mom. You've always known it was all about me!" :-)

awwww. Lovely. Just lovely.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I am dying to meet you two and take your picture! When can we meet?

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