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The happy ones of us create our own snow globes around us.

Happy Holidays!

oh i love!

Love it! That's a perfect little story for your perfect littl niece!

This is sooo SWEET, Elizabeth! You are a storyteller--in word, and in photo--did you know that? :o) I suddenly wouldn't mind living in a snow globe... I'll have to imagine snow globe living when it's freezing and snowin' & blowin' here. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

@tracy: i don't think i'd mind it either. i suspect the snow is not quite so cold there!

@sherron: :)

@kelly: yay! i'm so glad.

@jerry: thank you! happy holidays to you!


sometimes I think I might be like that little tiny girl! I love this story, you are a born storyteller, elizabeth!


am late to arrive today and so enchanted am i by your story!
i think you are not elizabeth at all. you are on loan to us from a fairy world of light and love and hope and help for all man/womankind!
merry hugs and a nose smoosh to atlas,
tammy j

This story is a treat !

Light and love to you and the teeny tiny girl inside you !

You are adorable... I love your stories!

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