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oh how i wish i could be walking in oregon
with such delightful people as elizabeth and atlas puppy!
it's my favorite time of year to be outside.
and you always capture it perfectly.
have a wonderful weekend! hard to believe that
tomorrow is already friday.
tammy j

Wait for me! :o) I love the gentle grace of this image... that gentle bend in the fence...*sigh*... A pause button, I could use one of those, a for real one... haha! Another week's end. I have to say, I'm not sure where the days are flying just now. But it's good. Feeling much gratitude too... :o) Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

oh! You're having the weather I love! It's rainy here...but no complaints because, you know, the drought and all. Enjoy your walk!!

I hope your walk was heavenly ! Mine was short today as I prepare for a craft fair tomorrow but I will take a longer one on Sunday !
Have a great weekend, Lovely One !

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