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I've long been a Mark Rothko fan, myself.

i don't know why artists can't be appreciated in their own time... to think he committed suicide because he felt his work didn't reach anyone! then again, maybe he had the inner melancholy that haunts many baltic writers and artists. and yet his work is so amazingly vibrant.
i love your last one. it's shimmering and alive. and wonderful! wonder what it would be like, on a wall size canvas like his? you could hang it in your home. it would be fantastic.
cheers to elizabeth's tribute to mark rothko!
you have captured the magic of a raindrop in mid air... your ode to living in oregon!
ahem. as you can see, i get carried away.

I learned something... all new to me! I'm kinda loving abstract lately. These are so cool!!!

Ooooo... I would LOVE to see that Mark Rothko exhibit! Your tribute images dazzle, Elizabeth, they really do. More and more I love abstraction. Abstraction, symbolism and expressionism are all finding their ways into my art & photos these day. The emotional level found in abstraction is underrated, I think. ;o) Thanks for this! Happy Day ((HUGS))

@jan: yay! if you were here, we could visit the exhibit together!

@tammy: that makes me sad to think about. i hope he knows how much his work is appreciated wherever he is - i suspect he does. (ooh! a raindrop in mid-air! i like that interpretation!)

@patty: mmm. i always love it.

@tracy: thank you! now you've got me thinking .. i wonder if it's sometimes easier to feel emotion with abstract, because you sort of have to interpret it yourself. hmmm. i wonder.

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