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Ooo... GREAT topic, Elizabeth! I've been a reader and lover of books all my life. It's always been hard to pick favorites though, as so many books that have slipped through my hands and danced in my mind have left impressions. So I'll have to think about this one, good question... The Prophet features high on my list too. ;o) I love those "Oh, YES!" books that sink into the soul... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Thank you for sharing! Now I have a reading list as I have only read Nickel and Dimed and Savage Inequalities. I am making up for 15 years of lost reading time when my kids were babies. I have a student just like you. Her name is Margaret, and she always has her nose in a novel during math work time. After stating, "I am sure that you are mature enough to choose whether or not to do your homework in class", I let her be. I stifle a smile, knowing that books open the world up to us.

in my house are two bedrooms. the tiny bedroom is my "little library." it has a very tall bookcase and also a small round table with places underneath for books. on my desk is this computer. a friend said why do you call it your library? it should be your computer room. i said "no! it's a library that just happens to have a computer. i love my books! it has warm wood, soft lamplight and tartan plaid and two comfy chairs... just right for a library. (ahem, and an atlas calendar. lol.)
my favorite as a child was "the boxcar children."
i have not read atlas shrugged, but will.
i also love kahlil gibran, especially what he said about "your children are not yours..."
i still often re-read the classics like wind in the willows. great to read as an adult.
i'm a smorgasbord reader! (except never cared for those formula romances). i love m.c. beaton's cozy english mysteries set in scotland and the cotswolds. and i like self help that's inspirationally slanted.. just bought another on reiki. i just love books period! great post elizabeth, as always!

I read Atlas Shrugged years ago. Not sure I'd read it again, but it definitely sunk in deep at the time. Haven't read the rest.

I've really enjoyed Letters to a Young Poet by Rilke, most of Shirley MacLaine's autobios and autobiographies in general. Geoff Dyer has written a couple faves: Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered To Do It and Out of Sheer Rage.

Are you on GoodReads? It's a fun way to keep track of what you've read. I'm here:

@claire: i need to add that rilke one to my list. somehow, whenever i think about it, i don't add it and then i forget. must. do. now. i am on goodreads, but i haven't updated it in a couple of years. i am old school. i keep a list on paper. ;)

@tammy: i liked the boxcar children. also wind in the willows. i need to go sit in the ya section of the bookstore someday and read. and now i need to look up m.c. beaton!

@jodi: that is a lot of reading to make up for! enjoy it! you're such a sweet teacher; i'm sure margaret appreciates it. (i would have.) books really do open the world up .. one of the reasons i appreciate them so.

@tracy: i know! it seems like most every book has at least one little nugget of wisdom for me. love that. (or else i'm just good at justifying my reading. ;)

Ha! I suppose I am then quasi old school because I also have a spreadsheet I use to track my reading. :)

Interesting picks. I love knowing what others are reading! I think I read East of Eden by John Steinbeck at the perfect time in my life (about eight years ago) because it has stayed with me more than most books. I just got it for Christmas and am excited to read it again. The Giver by Lois Lowry was really powerful to read as a young'n.

I always call our collection of books a "library". And I love them. I've been thinking for a few days, trying to come up with a powerful book choice, but I just can't! I did read a cool one on introverts, but I forget the title. And I am looking forward to reading a new book out called "Quiet" when I get a chance.

Ahh, so that's how Atlas got his name! How is he doing anyway?

I have always been curious about that book, Atlas Shrugged. My brother read it years ago, and was telling everyone that they should read it. It really moved him. But my curiosity was never strong enough to actually read it, I guess. Maybe that will change now.

lol...I love how you kept changing which one would be your number one. A true book lover. :)

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