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i went there once and it is so on my list to get back to. We didn't do much hiking but did paddle around the lake...it sure is a gorgeous view and a stunning image!

oh my you lucky elizabeth!
you live in such a beautiful part of this big country.
love the line, "faint of feet." it so fits many of my experiences. lol. mostly though, because of the extreme heat we have here, not the snow!

@tammy: faint of feet can definitely apply to both!

@vivienne: apparently it's an easy 3 miles around. paddling around the lake would be fun too! we saw the paddle boats. sometime. (possibly sans pup. i am not sure he is a paddle boat sort of dog. ;)

Oooo - gorgeous! This reminds me of our snowy hike outside of Taos. It was warm below but we did have boots (and shorts!) on. By time we made it to the lake, we were so cold it was all we could do to snap a quick photo and start the long, cold trek back. Oh, and the lake was covered with ice (duh!) Sometimes I will go to ridiculous lengths to get a photo. Oh well.

What a gorgeous view!!! Since our family lived out in MT for 20 years, I know how elevation comes into play weather-wise. The high country can always bring surprises!
Happy weekend to you :)

@patty: i think i remember that story!!!

@anna: that was a surprise indeed! though if i had read more closely, i might have expected it, because i did notice that as we drove, we were driving up and up. ;) i imagine MT to be beautiful country.

What a view...stunning...*swoon*... We have plenty of snow here at the moment. It's been bitterly, terribly cold outside though, so I've not been out & about as much with my camera... hence total lack of winter views at my place currently Happy Weekend, Elizabeth! ((HUGS)) P.S. When you get a chance, could you please email me your street address. I have a little something I've made for you and would like to send it to you. :o)

Breathtaking landscape. WOW!

:) thanks for the reminder of a fun day!

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