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i can't believe i didn't already previously know all these quirks about you! i am wondering if i really know the real you?! :)

You watch movies like they are made.

helen cracks me up!
i read books (fiction ones) almost like you watch movies. i'm better than i used to be, but i always went to the last few pages. most people look at the first page to see if they'll like it. never thought of it as a quirk before now though! lol.
aren't quirky people fun? i think so!
the english love eccentrics. you would fit right in!
tammy j

@helen: clearly not. ;-)

@jerry: hey! i do!

@tammy: i read fiction like that too! i think that's how i got the idea in the first place. only sometimes though. i am better at reading books through to the end than i am movies.

I love hearing about what makes you you! Here's a quirk - I love to eat my cereal soggy!

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