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as a child i could sit for hours (apparently not an add!) and watch through a kaleidoscope. the mandalas are beautiful, but their movement makes me a little dizzy for some reason.
oh ... whom i am kidding? i'm looking at them with 66 yr old eyes! same reason i can no longer right the tilt-a-whirl i guess!
just in case, since this is a new thing with atlas getting up more to pee... he could have a bladder infection. it happened to my little cocker. and finally i saw blood in her urine. then i took her. it was easily remedied, just as our own are. it's just a thought.
tammy j
and extroverted hermit, my own term and definition anyway, is one who prefers solitude and their own company, (with a beloved dog!) but who can be easily friendly and outgoing when they're around others. and that friendliness is genuine. it is just that the hermitage (one's home)and being alone is more needed and treasured.

ride the tilt-a-whirl. not right it!

The other weekend they had "disco" night at the ice rink. Shut off the lights and had a big glowing disco ball. A fog machine. And they played 80s rock. My kids were embarrassed to have me singing to the music. (I felt like I was at rollerskating in Marquette)

@ann: yes! i was remembering rollerskating! ice skating with a disco ball would be fun. possibly more so than rollerskating with one.

@tammy: hmm. will keep that in mind. i think this is just half habit and half me needing to change his dinner schedule either earlier or later to avoid a middle-of-the-night run. i started tonight. hahaha. dogs do not understand changes to their dinner schedule, no matter how you try to explain it. ;)

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