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Oh, I do wish Atlas could meet our kitty Charlie. They'd be pals, I think. Charlie loves anyone who will give him some attention. ;o) This is so sweet... Happy Day ((HUGS))

atlas and his love of kitties! nothing sweeter.
and elizabeth... for a special heartening post on doggy love (yours and his) go back to wilf this morning. it's so worth it. i see my zeke each time i visit, because he looked just like wilf... but it's so inspiring. just google wilf the pon in france... you don't even need the address. but... http://wilfanddigby.blogspot.com
love and hugs to you and your beloved atlas,
tammy j

oh atlas. it makes me smile that you keep at it, befriend those felines!

Heehee. Oh, Atlas. King of Kitties. :D

@julie: giggling over here. he would make the perfect king for them because they would be in charge and he would be their faithful servant. ;)

@jen: he does indeed keep on keeping on.

@tammy: that was such a sweet post. i love wilf. and zeke, he was clearly a very special boy.

@tracy: i wish that too! he so needs an actual friendly friend.

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