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lol! That was adorable!
I was grinning widely the whole time as I listened to that gem.
You have such a wonderful warm and happy voice...your little niece is going to LOVE listening to these stories.

And I have to add....that photo is spectacular! It is perfect for the story...so otherworldly.... or should I say flatworldly?

VERY sweet and charming, Elizabeth! Wow... and just loved hearing your voice! :o) It's always fun to put a voice to face. You have a GREAT storyteller's voice. Have you thought about doing those audio recording for Librivox, etc.? ;o) The story is wonderful... and I like the kids excuses of being late for school...haha! LOVE the feeling of mystery in the image... Happy Week ((HUGS))

oh good grief charlie brown!!!
where to begin?
you are a born storyteller. yes. born. it cannot be learned. that is a great secret. it's a gift. and you have it. there are writers who can and do write wonderful stories that we enjoy reading. but that's totally different from the true storyteller.
when i was young and we were going through the badlands, south dakota i think, i remember having the strangest feeling that underneath the huge humps of land were actually sleeping dinosaurs! so i could easily picture your flatland story. savannah will love you so much!!!
i bet your local library would like to know about you!
okay... enough gushing here. i guess you can say i liked it.
tammy j

you rock! :-)

A beautiful gift indeed...your voice, the story, the love for your niece....I hope there will be more stories in the future. xo

i am listening to my story and it is cracking me up even more because i am noticing how many times i mention how very flat the world was. can you tell that i am, ahem, not so very fond of flatness? ;)

also, thanks for the kind words! i am so glad you all enjoyed my little story.

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