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Oh, I can hear you laughing! hehe... :o) LOVED the story--so great to hear your voice too. And I'd be tempted to add professional organizer to my list of dream hats to wear... I love tearing things apart and organizing--what a rush! ;o) Sending MUCH LOVE to you & Atlas this Valentine's Day ((HUGS))

@tracy: isn't it fun?! sending love to you and charlie today - may it be full of sweetness! xo

i will never again put something into a box without seeing in my mind, betty oregonization and her friends myrtle and ethel!
delightful. simplicity. at. it's lovely. best.
wow. do i love your coffee table. the wood and the size of it. i'm a feet put-er up-er.
only thing missing from this picture is the beloved puppy!
hugs to you and nose smooshes to you know who,
tammy j

oh my, i am grinning.
best be off, got some oregonization to do before work!

@jen: yay! enjoy your oregonization! hehehe.

@tammy: it's my favorite piece of furniture. plus, it's also a chest. one side has games; the other side has photo books. :)

I love your stories.
Even better, I love the way you tell them.

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