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I remember when "a tall cool drink of water" referred to a man.

When I read the title I thought your post was going to be about a new person you met.

I like Atlas better.

@jerry: i remember that too. that's partly why i picked it. it seemed so appropriate to my cute puppy. ;)

when i read the title i thought it was going to be a tall good-looking guy in the pictures! way to disappoint me atlas! ;)

oh good grief charlie brown!
i'm more in love with atlas than ever!
the first picture on atlas's calendar next year for sure! a tradition has been born. wouldn't it be perfect for one of the hot summer months? yes!
tammy j

@tammy: it would indeed!

@helen: oh! you probably thought i was going to post a picture of colin firth! i can see how you would be disappointed. hehehehehe. ;-)

What a sweet pup!

haha... I was thinking the same as Jerry about the title reference! But we'll take Atlas... oh, yes, he da' man! ;o) Such a sense of fun in these images... love that top one especially--it has anticipation about it. Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

how could you even mention him and ruin my wish? meanie! i'm not even laughing at that! well, i am, but it's more of a "i can't believe she said that" laugh:)

actually, since it is your blog, that could've easily been the case, so now i will change my first comment to "thanks atlas, for the pictures being you!"

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