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This is a WONDERFUL idea, Elizabeth! It's funny because I was thinking along similar line, about how to invite patronage, which can indeed be a tricky thing... You're expressed it all so well, and offer something very special. I will be seriously thinking about your many patronage package offerings. :o) ((HUGS))

this has your imaginative happy stamp all over it. i'm signing up as an aqua person! i love the color references as patrons ... so apropos for an artist.
tammy j

yay! congratulations on getting it up and running:)

@helen: thank you! i am enjoying it today and then, on to the next idea! ;)

@tammy: yay! i am dancing around the room! so happy to have you on-board!

@tracy: thank you! if you have skype and ever want to brainstorm ideas, do let me know! i am full of ideas and i love thinking about things. :)

Beautiful! You did such a lovely job (saffron, ebony, etc? love!) on it. Bravo, my dear. :)

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