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they're pyracantha berries.
i knew the birds love them, but never heard of little weimaraner puppies eating them too!!!
the cutest picture for atlas wednesday!
tammy j

I was going to say pyracantha berries too...but didn't know dogs favored then, just birds! haha... What next for Atlas's list of grown talents... we can now add berry connoisseur! ;o) I just love Atlas Wednesdays! Happy Day to you both ((HUGS))

I've never heard of those berries. Can you make anything with them?
Atlas is a doll!

@tammy & @tracy: i'm so happy to know what they are! thank you! if you say birds like them, maybe that's why atlas likes them; he is a bird dog, LOL. (well, in breed; in temperament, he does not care one whit about birds.)

@ann: jelly, apparently. after my one taste, i have no interest in trying it. ;)

You're brave! And you crack me up. This picture is beautiful- I love the colors.

lol... I'm so glad you are both still here to tell the tale!!

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