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This is great news to me! ;o) Very cute... Atlas looks so serious here. Kiss his nose for me! Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

well, i was sort of thinking that there was a silky eared, wet nosed fella in your life.

hesjz sho schweet! (that's my baby/puppy voice)

blimey, i never knew!

and he's trying so hard to ignore you!
nice to meet him at last.

hahaha. i figured it was about time that i mentioned him. because, you know, i never do. ;-)

You don't have Atlas. Atlas has you. :)

I'm shocked!! Seriously, you know I get it and right now we are totally obsessing on doggy names... can't say too much yet, but something is in the works and it makes me very happy!! XO to you both!!

Hello Atlas... so nice to see you again!

And a fine pup he is. :)

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