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Oh, I'm so glad you didn't delete that image... is fabulous, Elizabeth! Before reading your post, I imaged the image to have been taking in Greece or Italy... it has a European flavor to it. :o) I LOVE your secret garden idea. Don't suppose you might consider a lower price category in future? Maybe $45, something like that? That makes me sound cheap, doesn't it?! haha...But thought I'd put that out there. ;o) Sending you LOVE this Valentines's Week, my friend ((HUGS))

i'm like tracy... i thought immediately of greece. i've always loved those white washed simple buildings with bright blue doors. i didn't realize peru had the same decor! i don't like labels, but the minimalist in me loves the simplicity of that shot. it's clean, and crisp and calming. like cool morning air. i like it!

love! the photo.

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