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Oooo... I've got shivers... these moon images are dreamy, Elizabeth! And HOORAY for positive energy! I'm delighted to hear that you're dwelling in a very positive place just now. And, yes, would love to hear about your discoveries & inspiration. Cheering you on, my friend! :o) Happy Week ((HUGS)) P.S Thanks for stopping my place for some Mary Oliver, and to celebrate Imbolc with me. I'm glad so many are enjoying these different posts I'm sharing featuring days/celebrations form the earth & earth calendar.

i wish i had your courage when i was your age. i have always been rather a minimalist, so my needs are few. but i had it drilled into me that future security was important, so i stayed in a job over 20 years that finally made my blood pressure so high that i had to retire early or have a stroke!
though i think of myself as a fairly creative person ... i could never make a living at it. you have a real talent and a mind that constantly creates and that is a perfect combination! would love to hear more. but only that which you could share without squelching the muse!
whatever you do, it has to be delightful to you. i cannot see you doing it otherwise.
love with admiration,
tammy j
and ps... happy favorite day of the week to you and atlas!

Yay for that indeed. What important work.

Moonlight, sunlight and love on your awaking spirit !

Yay for creative motivation!! May it flow much and ebb little.... Like Tammy, I wish I would have paid attention to all that at a younger age, but it is never too late. Love to see you blossoming!! Thanks, as always, for your sweet and supportive comments on my blog.


I'm so excited to see what possibilities lie ahead for you! I love that you are brimming with ideas and passion!

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