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I think of you more as elizabeth "go". :)

Elizabeth, LOVE the new name...... just love it! I need to email you....

Hi Lib - love it... Kath suggested you may want to look into whether or not "the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes" is copyrighted as it is a Beatles lyric. You could probably change it up if you needed to.

yay!!! have been awaiting news of this!
you've dropped hints here and there but so glad it's to be a reality!!!
it's a brand new fresh start for your brand new fresh feelings about elizabeth halt!
don't you love the words new and fresh together?
uh oh... using too many exclamation points again. but i do that when i'm happy and excited for somebody!
love and hugs,
and special nose smooshes to atlas,
tammy j

and ps...
the pictures this morning are perfect. i can hear the water in the first one. i can.
and the second one calms my soul.
you seem to have a way with water.
and light.
and air.
and trees and flowers.
and atlas.
oh stop me. i'm on a roll. :)

@amy: that is a good idea. i didn't know it was a lyric until i looked it up on google to see if it was already a thing, but i thought maybe a line in a lyric that wasn't the title would be ok. i'll look a little bit more. :)

WOO-HOO! WONDERFUL ideas, Elizabeth! I love that you're going brave and using your name... and LOVE "the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes". Moving up from retinal to kaleidoscope is big... Happy dancing along with you, and can't wait for the unveiling in April! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

I think that name suits you wonderfully. :)

Yayayay! I love it, you know I do.

And these photos are beautiful! (Water on your camera, you say? :)

I love these images and your new website name! And so cool that it will be up during your birthday month!


So exciting!! Can't wait to see and here more about it!

Oh, that song is playing in my head now.... always did love it!! Yay - love the ways you are moving into your creative dreams!!! You go, girl!!!

And I forgot to say (got a little carried away...) how much I adore your radiance images (all of them!)

That name could not be more perfect. How did I not see it before? You *are* the girl with kaleidoscope eyes! I'm so excited to see your new online home.

Oooh! Some new and wonderful changes in the works... I can't wait to see!!

I love it and I'm so excited! It maintains the true meaning of perspectives and adds beauty and color.

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