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Oh my word, *I* want to go to the Double Dog Ranch, and I am not even a dog! Love! You were not kidding about the bus photos, those are not to be missed.

I want to go to the Dog Ranch too! :o) I wish you could hear/seem me smiling and laughing... Those pics of the dogs on the bus are sooo cute! And look how happy there there at the Ranch--dog heaven! Those are some of the best photos ever. And fun to see the Ranching taking shape & being built. So glad Atlas has a grand time away, and made a new best friend. And glad you got some sleep, Elizabeth. We let Charlie in be with us for some cozy time, but then he's shuffled to his cat bed in the living room for overnight. It means we get some sleep--much needed! Happy Day ((HUGS))

that bus is so fabulous!

i. love. this. post!
atlas and scout sitting in the same seat like two best buds... well, what a picture to think about.
the first time you posted about double doggy ranch i went to the site... i couldn't stop looking at the pictures. and i think there must have been 20 pages of them.
take naps if you ever can. it helps.
sleep is over rated when it compares to that furry person who is pure love!
hugs and a nose smoosh,
tammy j

the doggy ranch looks amazing! Love the swimming hole, the free-range fields, and especially the bus!!!

What a place. :)

@darcy: i know, right! i want to vacation there *with* atlas!

@tracy: that sounds like the perfect plan. together and then apart. ah well. that is the one very appealing thought about having a cat. i bet if we had a cat and it didn't sleep on the bed, atlas would sleep with the cat instead of me.

@vivienne: it really is. i like to look at the picture of that one dog peering over the seat often.

@tammy: the pictures are so great. there is so much fun and joy and happiness and delight in them.

@brooke: i know! it really is dog heaven, isn't it. i am thankful for it every single day. i've told them that they need one on the east coast. :)

Yay, Doggie Ranch! That's where I want to go on vacation!

I like to let the pups sleep with me, but most of the time, it's me and the kittens. They need their mommy time. I like sleeping with Jool because she's a snuggler. Last night, Katie slept with us and I got hissed at when I rolled over and disturbed her. And she stole my pillow! Dang cat! LOL

Is that Atlas on Double Good Dog page 4?

@jerry: that very first smiling weim? no. oh. i just saw the purple-collared weim. that is not him either. though there are a lot of weims that stay there, and sometimes i have trouble picking atlas out of the pictures. ;) he is on page 5, 9 rows up from the bottom, on the right side - orange collar and smiling face. :)

@sherron: lol! at least atlas never hisses at me! he is very agreeable about such things as being moved, thank goodness. :)

Wow, the dog ranch makes me want to be a dog... that lives in/near Portland. :)

OK, I see him!

Oh my gosh, the doggy ranch looks amazing! That doggie bus is too cute! How great that you have somewhere like that for Atlas to vacation at.

Oh my good lord, the dog bus! That might be the cutest thing I have ever seen - and I have seen a lot of cute things!

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