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Sweet the whisper of yellow in these images... Not many signs of spring yet here. Would you believe, it's almost all gone & melted here?! It's very weird, February is never like this here. I just hope we don't get big dumps of the white stuff this month before Easter...No... NO! LOL ;o) Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

it has been spring here all winter. temperature wise. all the old-timers ..wait!.. i'm an old timer! are talking about how weird it is and not good. means another hot drought this summer. even our big trees nearly died.
i hear that and like tracy... no...NO!!! lol.
everything is blooming... pear trees, forsythia, hen bit. hahaha. (am i the only one who thinks blooming weeds are pretty?)

Well, I'm not currently in my neighborhood.... but when I am, we really have "signs of spring" all winter long, so it's a little confusing. Part of me misses that definitive change of seasons, so orderly... and exciting when it happens! But the other part is OK with being mixed up all the time!

Winter-blooming daphne a few blocks away starts blooming (and smelling *heavenly*) as early as January, I think. In my yard, there are two volunteer crocuses (in the middle of the yard almost under the clothesline) that are usually neck-in-neck with the small patch of purple violets on the other side of the yard (they were blooming a couple of weeks ago). A neighbor had daffodils blooming about the same time I was noticing my crocuses, but the daffodils in my yard have a bit longer to go yet. There's also a huge patch of comfrey (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) in my side yard that's starting to bloom. And my santa rosa plum tree has had noticeable buds for close to a month now, I think, but thankfully it's not actually blooming yet. It always seems to bloom way earlier than I expect.

Um... we finally got a good covering of snow last week. Love how it looks in the moonlight. :)

Forecast says 62 on Thursday though, so I suppose that would count as a sign of spring.

Those pictures are truly lovely, Elizabeth!

We actually have -18 Celsius (0 Farenheit) weather, tonight... not quite spring-like yet!

@josiane: brrrr. not spring at all!

@claire: snow in the moonlight is gorgeous. though i haven't seen it in years.

@steph: there is a rose bush next to a nearby apartment complex that always blooms in january. i'll be out for a walk one morning and there will be pink petals on the ground. it amazes me every year. i can just imagine all your signs of spring! your neighborhood sounds so lovely.

@patty: i think i might be ok with being mixed up, especially when i know everyone else is chilly. ;)

@tammy: oh no! fingers crossed for enough rain and no drought.

@tracy: that is amazing. i picture you to have snow for a good while yet.

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