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serendipity. hahaha.
hope you bought dat.
very cool pics too!

LOVELY images, Elizabeth... love the honey-glow of these. And very funny with the license plates playing guru... haha! The Dragonfly Coffee House...I like that name. I once had a dream about opening a tea cafe, and naming it the Dragonfly Cafe. I'm a sucker for a good name ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

I always read a phrase into signs. When I was single (and not knowing that I wouldn't change my name when I did get married), I used to be intrigued to see my initials - DB for Deborah Brooke - with another strange initial, like DBV or DBN or DBT. And I would wonder if it was a sign about who I would marry, like their last name would begin with V or N or T, and I would think about guys I knew with those last names. Isn't that funny?

Kind of silly, I guess. :)

I am liking your fingerless mitts on top there.

@ann: i like them too!

@brooke: not silly at all. i loved your story. also, you reminded me that i used to think that i did not want to marry someone with a last name that started with a T, because then my initials would be EAT. and also R, EAR. i hope those are the only offending combinations. ;)

@tracy: i love a good name too! i would like to visit that tea cafe!

@tammy: i did indeed. not the thing i went there to buy (it was on sale on the website & i wanted to save shipping) but i found other good things instead. :)

Hi Elizabeth! I love these photos! I also love the fact that one of your fave coffee places is named dragonfly!! A photo of a dragonfly is at the top of my list of photos to get! Also, I too look at license plates or even cars with bumper stickers.

how fun!

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