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"The newness of Monday"... I feel the same way, I love the start to a new week, ripe with possibilities and the anticipation of it! :o) LOVE the image today...very dreamy... Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

oh! go glad i'm an aqua person in the garden!
because atlas is so special to me. i can't wait.
i got tickled thinking about signing up and spending money now for what feeds my soul...
one way i used to justify to my husband if i thought i'd splurged a little or too much...
i always equated things to a large pizza. we loved pizza supremes.
i used to say "honey it was only 3 large pizzas!" meaning the cost was the same... but we all know what pizza turns into... poop!
so when you buy something you really want and need for your spiritual self... well it's worth the 5 large pizzas to me. and i get to keep it!!! most people think nothing of having at least one pizza a week!
sorry. too long. got carried away again as usual. my word for this year should have been calm. :)
happy monday e and atlas
tammy j

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