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WOW, Elizabeth... this was some pretty powerful sharing today! And I'm intrigued with the associations of our inner psyche tied to our pets. It is interesting the questions that surround wanting or longing, and how guilt factors into it, as well as poor sense of self. Your musings on earning are timely for me as I sit with questions of how can I be earning more, how can I get more of my art "out there" to create a real income for myself and still do what I love. Those feelings of I'm not enough--not smart enough, not educated enough, not talented enough, etc.--have been surfacing. This is old stuff, and while I've made progress with some of this over the years, some residue is there. Perhaps a question is, I find my work of values, but will anyone else, and therefore what kind of price tag can I put on that. Always a tough one, this money stuff for me. So much food for thought here... I must sit with this post of yours a bit longer! Do hope you'll come back to this topic, and share more insights. :o) ((HUGS))

there was a young wife.
she was over-the-top in love with her handsome successful husband. she never wanted the same things he did. he was not materialistic in the sense that people are... he simply loved his work and had fun making money. it was the fun that drew him to it. and he was successful.
she was creative. minimalistic. happy just to be. but then she could afford to be. she was taken care of very well. she had no worries.
then cancer in a smothering black veil entered their young lives and nothing was ever the same again.
he left.
and the way he left and the way the world is arranged materialistically... they took all the money to pay for his leaving. she had very little.
she was okay with that. but she had to get busy. she who never was proned to worry about anything now worried about everything. would she even survive? sometimes she would know sheer panic.
she soon became a drone. she lived in a little grey cubicle. she loved the people she worked with because her nature is love.
but something inside would cry all alone.
she worked for 25 years. sometimes she was so burned out she thought death would be better surely. but it never was.
what died was that spark of creativity that the grey cubicle kills so well.
if you let it.
now she is considered an old lady i guess. 66.
but the secret is... you never feel older really. only the number gets older and the way the world classifies you.
now... thanks to elizabeth and tracy and rhayne and miss minimalist and others in this wonderful world of websites... her own creativity is telling her that living life with love and being present in every way is an art.
she says from the depths of her being...
as long as you have enough to put a roof over your head and simple food on your table...
and if you can be content... for contentment is an art in itself...the panic will subside.
it took too many years for her to learn that.
what is it the old man said?
when you know you have enough you are rich.
and you both are so rich with love and young wisdom and light.
and e...
i sometimes think maybe you are a little saint or monk in disguise.
not to embarrass you too much here on a public site! hahahaha.
love and hugs to you and atlas (sir atlas!)
tammy j

Thank you for sharing this, elizabeth.

a little saint or a monk in disguise, yes. and i think your disguise may be starting to slip...


I feel blessed for having read this post and the comments. Especially this: "when you know you have enough you are rich". Thank you all for sharing.

@julie: me too.

@briana: i am picturing myself as friar tuck. ;)

@steph: you are welcome.

@tammy: i feel so touched and honored to read your story. thank you for sharing it. i love "content is an art in itself" and "when you know you have enough you are rich"; i want to remember them both. your creativity and your love for life come through in your comments. xo

@tracy: i find money so fascinating. and though it is frustrating sometimes, i do like to imagine that residue coming up is good because then it can be cleared and i can be free. eventually. hopefully. sending you love and support as you work through those questions for yourself.

this is a lovely view into your heart of hearts elizabeth. not easy to experience this awareness or maybe especially to write but to read this is an experience of love. thank you and i also appreciate the comments from your awesome friends!

Wow - Elizabeth, I just read every word here including the wonderful sharing of your sweet friends. I wish we could all just sit down over a cuppa something (whatever it is you are drinking these days!) and hash some of this out. Because I can relate to so much of it but I often don't feel that there is anyone here in my immediate life who would begin to understand.
Anyway, thanks for stepping up and putting the thoughts of your heart out there. You have such great insights and I know (at least for me!) when you write something like this out, it helps deliver some clarity to your own thinking. XOX

@patty: i agree. there is something about writing it out (or talking it out) that helps clarify things greatly. i wish i could sit down with a drink with you. maybe someday we will have to play with skype.

@robin: fortunately, i find my psyche fascinating, so after a few tears fall, i am intrigued by the knowledge. thank you for visiting and sharing your response!

this is pure honesty. thank you for showing your vulnerability. very courageous.

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