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your light is lovely.

I love your word for this year. Here it is half way through March and I still don't have my word. What's wrong with me this year?

it is grey sky windy here today.
all my windows are open.
simple curtains waft in the cool breezes.
i have just spent the most ... pause here
while i search for a word...
relaxing? yes. but not the word.
inspiring? yes. but not the word.
enchanting? yes. closer but still not the word.
necessary? yes! all of the above but really the last word... necessary...
time spent re-reading many of your posts.
i have spent time in your side posts...
because i like stories.
i am already an aqua person in your secret garden. and i love that.
i am a lover of beauty but you put that love into perspective and i find it keeps a smile in my heart and on my face.
at the end of this month i want to sign on for a reiki session. i need it.
i know about it. and try to do it for myself.
but to have a reiki master will make all the difference. i'm like you. i couldn't care less "how it works" i only know it works.
so... here i've gone and written another book on your blog. probably poor bloggy manners!
you are most unusual. never quite met anyone like yourself. so glad they're still making modern little monks. and the fact that there are those same artistic little monks with puppy sidekicks... well... faith and begorra! lucky for us!
love and nose kisses for atlas,
tammy j

@rachel: thank you! it was such lovely light.

@relyn: maybe it will come .. and maybe it will be perfect for having waited!

@tammy: you are such a sweetheart. i am glad you feel so welcome here.

I am drawn to this photo...It reminds me of looking out a screen door and of music and of open fields full of wildflowers and of raindrops upon waking....and of radiant light pulsating bright from within. xoxo

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