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your journal musings are always such rich invitations for thought.
when you get older (ha. notice i did not say old) when you get older an odd thing happens. you suddenly see the you, you have been all along in a very different perspective. there are so many yous it turns out. all with a different label.
and then you become sort of invisible to people. to friends? i don't know. but for sure to people in general. and not being noticed is a very freeing, relaxing feeling i'm finding out! i like it.
and you? i think you are refreshingly creatively funny! and it seems to be natural for you, not forced. the world needs more of your funny... whether natural or forced!
happiest day before your favorite,
tammy j

Oh, your radiance photos are soooo.... radiant!! Just lovely. And I love reading your thoughts. It's a funny thing thinking about what others think of us. I agree with Tammy that you become more relaxed about it as you get older, but do I still think about it? Absolutely, I do think about it but maybe CARE less about it...

Eckhart Tolle says we need to forget all about our need to feel "special", that we are already way special enough. It's good to know, but waaaay easier said than done. We learn from an early age that being special attracts attention and friends and maybe ultimately, love, so it's hard to buck that trend. Still, he is a very wise man.....


Oh, this touched my heartstrings, Elizabeth. I was so there once with compensating or overcompensating a personality trait, often thinking I wasn't enough and didn't trust myself that I was already enough in so many ways. Patty's comment above siting Eckhart Tolle I've come across too, and it is easier said than does somethings, that belief in that we are already enough as we are now. As I grow older it all becomes easier in some ways though. What I try to do now is focus on love... letting my love-light shine. What shines on the inside, can't help but shine on the outside too. Be your funny self, naturally. The rest will follow... :o) ((HUGS))

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