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I am noticing that I am missing Atlas today!

@jerry: mmmmm. i am missing him too. (in photo version, that is, in real life, he is snoring nearby.) i need to take some new photos. :)

i hadn't thought of it exactly like that.
i have just always known that my world seems less harsh. i see more beauty and less sordid reality. very myopic! but i like it.
a little like seeing through silk.
except when driving. i wear my glasses for others' safety from me! lol.

Lovely observations today, Elizabeth. I quite agree too. I notice when I use my eyes softly, when I soften my view, my heart softens too, and love flows more freely, connections become deeper...Here's to the soft view! ;o) Oh, and I was wondering where Atlas was too. Was he hiding low in those tall grasses? He's so soft now, I can't see him... LOL! Happy Spring, my friend ((HUGS))

Yes to the importance of noticing, and to seeing things in relation to the whole, instead of in isolation! I, too, feel that this is important.
Also, I looooooove today's photos. They're gorgeous. And their soft greens seem to be filled with luminosity and radiance.

Yes - lovely thoughts, lovely photos. It's so amazing what we can notice if we truly keep our eyes OPEN!

Owl Eyes!!!

ps. love all the green in these photos. So very lovely. :)

I needed this today. thank you!

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