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I once read an article that said that dogs watch our eyes to determine what we want. Maybe the eyes really are the gateway to our soul.

i love the view from your windows.
oh to have the scent of fresh rain on pine!
and salty tortillo chips. what a great combination!
i've never seen the show so couldn't say.
but i like what jerry said. and...
it's good practice if you ever play poker!

Love the rain-kissed pine boughs...*sigh*... Raindrops--the most beautiful diamonds in the world. :o) I don't know about the TV program you mention, I will have to look that up. We don't watch much TV here, so we're often out of the loop. ;o) Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Ha! I like that show, too. I think I've watched all the episodes by now. It's way dramatic, but I still like it. The friend who introduced me to it did her thesis on facial expressions. According to her, it's not actually possible to do what they do on the show. But to a certain extent, it is. And I'm perfectly willing to suspend my disbelief. :o)

@kylie: good to know! i was wondering if it was dramatized at all, or if all of it was possible. and i, also, am perfectly willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of fascination! i am halfway through the second season now ..

@tracy: diamonds! oh! you just made me look at raindrops in an entirely new way! i might even start liking diamonds now. thank you for that perspective. i hope your weekend is wonderful.

@tammy: so true .. i might have to take it up now. i feel sure that after watching three seasons worth of shows, i will be an expert. ;)

@jerry: that sounds familiar. i might have read that somewhere too. maybe it is indeed true! it is such a beautiful expression. also, it reminds me of a quoted native american expression, which i can't remember if i've paired yet .. "the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears".

I really enjoyed that show. It's based on Paul Ekman's research on micro-expressions. He's written a few books on it.

That's a lovely view! :)

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