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Laughing my butt off... this is sooo hilarious! ;o) Poor wonky dog though, he's only being his best.. haha... Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Of course he can't be fooled! He knows a good dog when he sees one!! Love the humor in this!

that little catch on atlas's lip...
see it? a wee smirk for sure.
and there you went and took his picture anyway!
oh oh. yes mr mcvey, i remember.
you never say went and took and put in a single sentence.
only if you live in my neck of the woods! hee hee.
tammy j

Sorry Atlas, I think he's kinda nifty looking.

Look at the arrogant tilt of his head. That cracks me up.

this makes me laugh! atlas, you are one cool character.

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