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oh elizabeth....i LOVE this sneak peek of your new site!
it looks phenomenal and so you...
i can't wait to check it out.

And I love that you are off on this adventure!
I can't wait to see photos from it!

What a face. Happiest birthday and most joyfully enlivening adventure voyage to you, my dear friend. xoxo

bon voyage to you and atlas both!!!
and i too love the look of your new exciting site! how fun is this? can't wait for the unveiling!
thank you for my beautiful aqua person letter from the garden. loved it!
take care and have a wondrous time with your sister.
tammy j

Have fun on your adventure. Can't wait to see your photos when you return. Travel safe, my friend.

Happy trip and Happy Birthday...on the appropriate day.

How exciting! Elizabeth, have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Birthday!

Bon Voyage Elizabeth! Your trip sounds incredible ~ my heart longs for Morocco so I'm especially thrilled to know you will be there to enjoy it on your special birthday. So, so wonderful! I am also looking forward to exploring more on your beautiful new website. :)

Have a wonderful trip, lib! I know that you and Helen will. :) Can't wait to hear about it!

Yay!!!!! (that's for the visiting me and the new site, looks awesome!)

WOW...WEE...HOORAY!! LOVE the sneak-peek at the new site, Elizabeth... can't wait to see more soon--it looks GORGEOUS!! And birthday in Morocco??!! Soooo HAPPY for you! :o) Wishing safe & very happy travels. Can't wait to see Morocco from your camera point of view. Pity Atlas can't go along, but he will probably have more fun at the ranch anyway! Funny, we had same thing happen with a battery too. Though at the time not funny. ;o) Humphrey the hippo is so sweet... will you revisit this? Oh, so many great things happening for you these day... I can feel the tingle from a-far. So thrilled for you! Happy DAYS, my friend, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ((HUGS))

What a bon voyage post! I love the sneak peek of your new website. It's beautiful and the tagline is perfect!

So excited for you.

Happy travels, happy birthday, happy sister visiting, happy happy!


Have a wonnnderful trip! That site peek looks absolutely amazing; I cannot WAIT to see the whole thing.


Hope you have a wonderful time...and - love the sneak peek at your new site. Terrific!

love to you. can't wait to here all about it.

Seems it could say either Wide Eyed "wonderer" or Wide Eyed "wanderer". Beautiful sneak-peek though. :)

Happy birthday! Your trip sounds perfectly imperfect. I'm so glad you were able to really let yourself go!

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