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Spring is now my new favorite season, followed by summer slightly edging out fall. It's a beautiful season here in Providence. Glad you're having some springy weather these days. :)

BEAUTIFUL spring MAGIC! After a warmer spell a couple weeks ago, it's turned cold here. But at least the sun is shining. Still, any day now and the bubs of trees and blooms look ready to pop--can't wait for the spring show! :o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

and..... drum roll....
thank you! thank you very much for sending your rain our way.
awoke this morning to the most delightful spring rain. since it's already been in the mid 90's these last few days (spring? what spring? we catapulted into dead heat summer!)
this rain is a true blessing!
and i'm pretending it's really spring again!

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