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a happy picture. a happy you.
are you kidding?
how can people n o t see the good in you!!!!
an ephipany on your 35th!
what you don't realize...
you're still just a baby. lol.
at least from my vantage point. just ask your
tammy j

Lovely! Reading this warms my heart. Big love to you, dear Elizabeth.

ah elizabeth, how I adore you! this picture fills me with joy. it sounds like there were so many facets of beauty to your fabulous birthday celebration and that is just music to my ears! (loving the striped sweater too!)

i like you very much indeed!
for your radiance illuminates my heart.

you look so happy in this picture and i wish i could touch that wall.

The fact that you even question that makes you more lovable. I just love reading your thoughts because they start to get mine moving in new directions too and that is a good thing.
Love to both of you and enjoy #35!!

Yes! What a beautiful moment!

I love the sense of freedom I get when I realize that a thought I'm having is just a habit, not really something I think/believe any more. Even more so when it's something that shows I'm having more kindness to myself.

This reminds me of something my therapist told me fairly early on in my seeing her: Don't believe everything you think. It's nice to have the distance/perspective/awareness to realize that I don't. :)

a beauty filled soul you are ,,may this be the very best year for you !!


How could anyone not like you when you have such a loving relationship with Altas. That tells it all!
Thank you for sharing this, I think the same about myself - food for thought.

You have such a good, sweet heart... you goodness radiates more than you image, Elizabeth! May your 35th year bring you much joy and other good epiphanies. :o) ((HUG))

Me again... so EXCITED to visit you at your new place... Off to go see! ((HUGS))

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