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i actually thought this was a painting when i first saw it, before reading your description!
the overexposure then is perfect!
one more exclamation point...!

I thought you over-exposed it on purpose. Great effect

Love it! We spent 2 weeks on the Costa del Sol back in 1990.... so lovely, brings back memories! So glad you got this chance to go there!!

Imagaine...living in Alicante...*swoon*... ;o) LOVE the bright light, you can feel the warmth and dazzling. This image will be great to have to look back on on a dull winter day. Later this week we'll away in Vienna for a few days. See you soon again in blogland, Elizabeth! :o) ((HUGS))

i love that first sentence:) and love the photo too!

love the look of this photo, and the word sun-drenched, and the fact that you were at a spanish castle, and that you had such a picturesque adventure!

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